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Harmony among the judges

Auteur:Natalia Bernal Cano
Maison d'édition:European Research Center of comparative law
Année:First Edition 2015. Second Edition revised and updated 2016.

There are several questions: How can justice be administered in an ordered manner? How can harmony in the administration of justice be ensured when this function is exercised at different levels of power? How can the dialog among judges be encouraged in and outside of proceedings?

The central question of this book consists in resolving the diverse controversies that exist between jurisdictions concerning conflicts of interpretation of the constitutions and fundamental rights. The study does not intend to describe or enunciate diverse competences, but rather illustrate the way through which judges cooperate pacifically and integrate so that there are not any serious divergences of interpretation in their decisions or rulings.

I wish to highlight how the sources of law complement each other because of their equivalent value and the cooperative relationship between the legislature and the courts or among the different courts in order to achieve, among other objectives, harmony in the exercise of powers, the perfection of legislation, favorable changes in constitutional law, judicial coherence, the reasonable reiteration of decisions by judges and the unity of interpretative criteria.
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