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The value of jurisprudence as a creative source of law

Auteur:Natalia Bernal Cano Coauteure et Directrice Scientifique
Maison d'édition:European Research Center of Comparative Law
Préface de:Marie-Françoise Rigaux 
The creation of this book belongs to Natalia Bernal Cano Editor and Coauthor. This book is the first collective work of our collection Great Authors on Public Law. Studies in Comparative Law.

The topics are analyzed and developed with the collaboration of a distinguished group of internationally renowned judges and teachers who are experts in Public Law.

The problem of the study consists of identifying the scope and limits of jurisprudence as a result of the creation of law by judges. 

Each author presents his or her perception of jurisprudence and case law according to his or her judicial system and analyzed different accessory problems, such as the magistracy in different parts of the world, the creation of unwritten constitutional principles by the Canadian Constitutional Court, the changes of jurisprudence in Germany and France, the evolution of the concept of jurisprudence in Europe, the conceptual development of the stare decisis doctrine in the United States, the correction of law through constitutional jurisprudence in the different procedures brought before the Belgian Constitutional Court, the judicial problem of jurisprudence and the law as complementary sources of law, and the presentation of the concept from the point of view of the constitutional process to protect fundamental rights.

This book is no more available. If you want to buy it, please buy the second Edition of this book.


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