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The judge and the immediate protection of fundamental rights

Auteur:Natalia Bernal Cano
Maison d'édition:European Research Center of comparative law
Année:First Edition 2015. Second Edition revised and updated 2016.

The central topic of this book is the description of  European domestic and communitary jurisdictions in a comparative perspective and their reciprocal relationships.

The first part of this analysis presents different jurisdictions in European countries and the multilevel proceedings to protect the fundamental and human rights in concrete cases.

The second part of this analysis addresses the unconstitutional questions formulated by judges a quo to the Constitutional Courts in the events in which a party believes that he/she is affected by a law in a judicial procedure and the procedure of constitutional complaint available to protect fundamental rights in specific situations affected directly or immediately by administrative acts, court decisions or laws in Europe.

Finally, this books explains the  mixed forms of constitutional justice in Latin American countries, the functions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the influence of European domestic and community jurisdictions in  the Latin American constitutional procedures of protection of fundamental rights.
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